AirMaks KraIt WX Bottle Blue Laminate 5.5mm

AirMaks KraIt WX Bottle Blue Laminate 5.5mm

R 57,260

  • Calibers: 5,5 (.22)
  • Length: 885 mm
  • Weight: 3,1 kg
  • Barrel length (twist): 700 mm (1/17,7), w/o choke
  • Air cylinder capacity (max pressure): 580 cc (300 bar)
  • Magazine: 5,5 (.177) – 16 shot


  • Length adjustable
  • Cheek-piece: height and angle adjustable
  • Butt-pad: height adjustable


  • AR15
  • right-hand
  • ambidextrous (optional)


  • Side lever action, right-left changeable


  • AR15 style, right-left changeable


  • Two-stage adjustment
  • Externally adjustable pressure regulator
  • Externally adjustable valve
  • External velocity regulation screw (by hammer spring)
  • 20 MOA Picatinny rail
  • 1/2″ UNF thread for moderator
  • 3 Picatinny rails for accessories


The KRAIT X (slug edition) air rifle is tailored for comfort and performance, featuring a lightweight design that’s easy to handle. It comes with an ergonomic right-hand AR15 grip and an adjustable stock that allows you to customize both the length and the height, including the butt-pad and cheek-piece, to suit your shooting style perfectly. This model boasts a 60 cc plenum size, and both the pressure regulator and valve are externally adjustable, enabling precise control. It’s equipped with a 20 MOA Picatinny rail, ideal for mounting scopes and enhancing accuracy. The easy-cocking side lever, situated conveniently near the trigger, can be switched between right and left sides, making it adaptable for all shooters. Additionally, the trigger features a 2-stage adjustment for a crisp, tailored pull.

What is a PCP Air Rifle?

Discover the accuracy of a PCP ( Charged Pneumatic) air rifle, a state of the art airgun renowned for its aim and minimal kickback. In contrast, to airguns the PCP air rifle utilizes a tank of air ensuring consistent propulsion and reduced noise levels when firing. Whether you’re into target practice or pest management its customizable settings cater to shooters of all skill levels.

The PCP air rifle stands out for its efficiency providing shots on a charge and eliminating the need for frequent reloading. Whether you’re engaged in shooting or casual target practice this rifle blends cutting edge technology with craftsmanship to deliver a dependable and efficient shooting experience. Enhance your collection. Elevate your marksmanship skills, with each squeeze of the trigger.



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