Avenge-X X1-BT, Tactical, NV Bottle, 5.5mm (Cal.22)

Avenge-X X1-BT, Tactical, NV Bottle, 5.5mm (Cal.22)

R 10,550

  • Air capacity: 360cc
  • Regulator: External Adjustable Regulator
  • Barrel Type: Rifled Steel
  • Scopeable: Picatinny
  • Magazine: Includes Rotary Magazine (1 large capacity and 1 standard) & Single-shot tray


  • Forend Rail: Picatinny
  • Weight: 3.3 kg


  • Features:

– Side-lever action / Ambidextrous

– Includes Rotary Magazine & Single-shot tray

– 2-Stage Adjustable Trigger

– 250bar / 3650psi

– External Adjustable Regulator

– Aluminium bottle


The AVENGE-X boasts a modular design that offers remarkable versatility, allowing you to switch among 3 different calibers and choose from 8 distinct stocks. This flexibility results in over 80 possible combinations, catering to a wide range of preferences and shooting styles. Additionally, some of the parts are compatible with AR accessories, enhancing its adaptability. With the AVENGE-X, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

What is a PCP Air Rifle?

Discover the accuracy of a PCP ( Charged Pneumatic) air rifle, a state of the art airgun renowned for its aim and minimal kickback. In contrast, to airguns the PCP air rifle utilizes a tank of air ensuring consistent propulsion and reduced noise levels when firing. Whether you’re into target practice or pest management its customizable settings cater to shooters of all skill levels.

The PCP air rifle stands out for its efficiency providing shots on a charge and eliminating the need for frequent reloading. Whether you’re engaged in shooting or casual target practice this rifle blends cutting edge technology with craftsmanship to deliver a dependable and efficient shooting experience. Enhance your collection. Elevate your marksmanship skills, with each squeeze of the trigger.


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