Daystate Renegade HR (HP) Regulated 5.5mm Green

Daystate Renegade HR (HP) Regulated 5.5mm Green

R 36,000

  • Daystate Renegade HR
  • Overall Length: 760mm (30 ins)
  • Barrel Length: 430mm (17 ins)
  • Cylinder Capacity: 300 cc
  • Weight (Unscoped): From 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs) depending on the stock type and battery type
  • Available Calibres: 0.22 (5.5mm)
  • Loading: Magazine or Single Shot Tray
  • Cocking: Side Lever action – factory reversible
  • Magazine: 10-Shot rotary, removable (from left or right). Also supplied with magnetic  single-shot loading tray
  • Fill Pressure: Up to 230 BAR (3,335 psi)
  • Trigger: Electronic release. Adjustable for weight and length of the stage
  • Battery Life: Up to 17,000 shots
  • Safety: Manual, crossbar, bolt open deactivation
  • Stock:  Ambidextrous Synthetic Green or Black

    Power / Shots Per Charge 0.22

    220 shots @ 12 ft/lbs, 50 Shots @ 33 ft/lbs

    35 shots @ 50 ft/lbs

    310 shots @ 12 ft/lbs, 75 Shots @ 30 ft/lbs

    42 shots @ 50 ft/lbs


The Daystate Renegade HR (High Power) in 5.5mm, delivering 41 FTLBS of energy, represents a fusion of advanced mechanical engineering and innovative technology. This model sports a sleek black synthetic stock and features a bullpup configuration, providing a compact yet powerful alternative for those who prefer not to opt for the fully electronic action of Daystate’s flagship model, the Pulsar.

Despite not incorporating the all-electronic trigger system, the Renegade stands out with its revolutionary mechanical/electronic HTU (Hybrid Trigger Unit) trigger release. This system combines the tactile feedback of a traditional mechanical trigger with the crisp, clean break of an electronic trigger, offering an exceptional shooting experience.

The introduction of a new Huma-regulated HR version marks a significant upgrade, enhancing the Renegade’s air efficiency and handling. This regulation ensures consistent shot-to-shot performance and optimal air usage, making the Renegade HR a top choice for enthusiasts seeking both performance and efficiency in a compact package. The Renegade is an advanced ‘shorty’ that delivers on both technology and tactical handling, making it a compelling option for precision shooters looking for the best in modern airgun technology.

What is a PCP Air Rifle?

Discover the accuracy of a PCP ( Charged Pneumatic) air rifle, a state of the art airgun renowned for its aim and minimal kickback. In contrast, to airguns the PCP air rifle utilizes a tank of air ensuring consistent propulsion and reduced noise levels when firing. Whether you’re into target practice or pest management its customizable settings cater to shooters of all skill levels.

The PCP air rifle stands out for its efficiency providing shots on a charge and eliminating the need for frequent reloading. Whether you’re engaged in shooting or casual target practice this rifle blends cutting edge technology with craftsmanship to deliver a dependable and efficient shooting experience. Enhance your collection. Elevate your marksmanship skills, with each squeeze of the trigger.


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