Duke Sonic Boom Kit

Duke Sonic Boom Kit

R 750

The unit packs an intense sonic punch of approximately +/-158dB. The cores can be re-used with or without active ingredients, making them ideal and cost-effective for training purposes. The Duke Sonic Boom Kit has a detonation time of approximately
4-5 seconds.

1 x Plastic Bottle
1 x COCanister Holder
1 x Tension Spring
1 x Centre Ring
1 x 12g COCanister
1 x Safety Clip
1 x Firing Head

Throwables - Our range of throwables contains no harmful chemicals, no primers and no thermal reactions, so there is no fire or explosive hazard, which makes them intrinsically safe. The throwables do not fall under the International Explosives Act, so they are legal to use in a self-defense situation.

Sonic Boom - The Sonic Boom is drop-safe with the safety pin and military-grade pressure spring preventing any accidental detonations. We have put the Sonic Boom Kit through a rigorous testing process to ensure total safety for the carrier, thrower, and intended target.

The kit comes standard with a fully reusable core inside a pre-packed plastic shell. Just pull the pin, thump the depressible head and throw it toward the intended target. Once the device has been used, pick up the spent parts, wash off any debris and leave to dry. The core is now ready to be re-used.

Intended Tactical Uses:

01 Room Penetration

The throwable does not burn any of the oxygen in a room, making it safer than traditional teargas with primers and long burning content.

02 Vehicle Penetration

Sonic volume is loud enough to distract targets but with no permanent hearing damage.

03 Urban Riot Control

The Pepper Storm has a 4-5-second delay, leaving the target no time to escape or neutralize the device.

04 Correctional Facilities

Small enough burst for use in prisoner cells, with no permanent damage to eyes or ears, minimal cross-contamination, no shrapnel, and no fire risk.

 05 Training
The cores can be re-used with or without active ingredients, making them ideal and very cost-effective for training purposes.

06 Sensory Incapacitation
By infiltrating the sensory system of an assailant, the capsaicin powder incapacitates an assailant for up to 20 minutes.

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