Edgun Leshiy 2 PCP – 600mm Barrel, 5.5mm (Valkyrie)

Edgun Leshiy 2 PCP – 600mm Barrel, 5.5mm (Valkyrie)

R 65,000


  • Energy:
    • 600mm (23.60″) Barrel – Min: 7.5J – Max: 77J (5.5 ft·lbs – 56.8 ft·lbs)
  • Regulator Pressure (Adjustable):
    • Default from factory: 130 BAR
    • Adjustable between 60 BAR and 240 BAR
  • Standard Plenum Volume:
    • 42 cm³
  • Max Filling Pressure:
    • 300 BAR
  • Magazine Capacity:
    • 8 rounds
  • Weight with 600mm Barrel:
    • 3.10 Kg – 3.30 Kg
  • Total Length with 600mm Barrel and Standard Butt:
    • 1070mm with Shelest, Shopot, Shorokh, and Tishina 150
    • 1120mm with Tishina 200
  • Length Folded:
    • 299 mm (subtract 299 mm from Total Length to know this)
  • Max Height:
    • 164mm
  • Max Width:
    • 45mm
  • Max Width Folded:
    • 76mm
  • Barrel Thread:
    • M14x1.25
  • Barrel External Diameter:
    • 14mm
  • Grip:
    • EDgun grip with a standard AR15 crib. Compatible with any AR15 grip without tail.

Note: Accessories shown in pictures are additional extras and are not included with the rifle.

What is a PCP Air Rifle?

Discover the accuracy of a PCP ( Charged Pneumatic) air rifle, a state of the art airgun renowned for its aim and minimal kickback. In contrast, to airguns the PCP air rifle utilizes a tank of air ensuring consistent propulsion and reduced noise levels when firing. Whether you’re into target practice or pest management its customizable settings cater to shooters of all skill levels.

The PCP air rifle stands out for its efficiency providing shots on a charge and eliminating the need for frequent reloading. Whether you’re engaged in shooting or casual target practice this rifle blends cutting edge technology with craftsmanship to deliver a dependable and efficient shooting experience. Enhance your collection. Elevate your marksmanship skills, with each squeeze of the trigger.

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