Nitecore MH11 1,000 Lumens flashlight SALE

The MH11 is great value for money and an entry-level tactical 1000 lumens EDC flashlight offering a 190m (depleted at 190m) beam distance. It is USB-…

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Zartek 458 Extreme bright flashlight

This is a high-quality LED light with a CREE T6 globe that emits an extremely bright light of 900 lumens and has a beam distance of 480 meters. …

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Zartek 457 Extreme bright flashlight

Extremely high brightness LED Cree L2 globe with a 600-lumen output and over 250m beam. 

This flashlight has 3 modes: high beam, medium beam, and…

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Nitecore P23I 3,000 Lumens flashlight SALE

The 5000mAh 21700 Li-ion battery P23i is the successor to the very popular P20i. It features higher 3000 lumens on TURBO mode and a longer beam range…

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Nitecore New P30 1,000 Lumens flashlight SALE

The P30 flashlight is our smallest most compact beam thrower yet, featuring a 618m (depleted) concentrated beam. Powered by our new generation 5000mA…

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Nitecore HC60 V2 1,200 Lumens Headlamp SALE

Our 1200 Lumens HC60 V2 is the successor to the very popular HC60. It's a perfect general-purpose headlamp. Not only is it bright and comfortable, bu…

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Nitecore EDC27 3000 Lumen Flashlight SALE

Introducing the EDC27 – the best EDC flashlight of 2023. With an ultra-slim design and high performance, this flashlight is the ultimate tool for you…

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Nitecore UI1 Portable Single Slot USB Charger

Portable USB charger with automatic adoption for optimal charging modes.



  • UI1 USB Charger.
  • USB Charge Cable.

Not included:

  • Batteries.
  • Wall A…

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Nitecore UI2 Portable Dual Slot USB Charger

Lightweight and portable dual-slot USB charger with simultaneous charging and independent control of each slot.



  • UI2 USB Charger.
  • USB Cha…

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Nitecore UMS4  4 Bay Battery Charger

The intelligent USB four-slot superb charger has a total maximum output of 4000mA. LCD display for real-time charging information and can be powered …

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